At First Impressions Academy in Fayetteville, NC, we are happy to work with parents and students to create a positive environment in our programs, from preschool to grade school to middle school. We believe a positive environment in our schools helps foster a love of learning in our students and helps them to healthily grow academically as well as socially. Our highly qualified and educated teachers are caring and supportive to help build each child’s confidence, and we keep class sizes small so students receive the individualized attention they need.

Proudly Serving Students in Fayetteville, NC

For your convenience, below are some important questions we are frequently asked. We feel that having access to this information will help your child succeed and have a great experience at First Impressions Academy.


What is the cost of tuition?

We do not list our tuition on our website, because we would like parents to call us so they can discover why an education at First Impressions Academy is so unique and valuable. FIA is not a daycare; we are an academic-based preschool, grade school and middle school. We invite you to schedule a tour so you can see for yourself what makes us special and to understand what your child will receive for the money.

Are you a religious-based school?

We are a non-denominational school. We believe that in a religious-based institution, the faculty should all follow that practice, and we would miss out on many wonderful and qualified educators. Regardless of their beliefs, all children deserve a valuable education. Rather, we teach children to have good character so they can succeed in life and develop their social and behavioral skills.

What are your plans for FIA in the future?

We have chosen to only open one grade per year so we can focus on providing the highest quality education to the children at our school. We are currently through 8th grade with no intentions of adding a high school.  Most students in all states will move on to a new High School; there are some great higher level academic programs available to our students who graduate from FIA. We will walk each family through the process of finding a high school program that will best suit the needs of your student. All of our students have unique needs and goals and not one school can meet all needs, this is why we have researched the schools in the area and their offerings that may be the best fit for your student’s academic future.

Do you offer discounts?

In order for us to keep our class sizes so small, we are not able to offer discounts at FIA, however our tuition is one of the lowest in the area. If you have multiple children attending our school we do offer sibling discounts. 5% for the first sibling and 10% for additional siblings. We do accept the Opportunity Scholarship, a program that supports qualifying students ranging from kindergarten through 12th grade choosing a private education.

What are your policies for early termination?

If you leave our grade school at any point during the school year, there is a $500.00 termination fee. If you leave our preschool before April 1st, there is a $500.00 termination fee. This is because it is difficult to fill your child’s slot in the middle of the year. If you plan to leave our school, we require a two academic week’s notice in writing. You cannot give your notice right before or during a break, because during a break we are not at the school to work to fill the slot. We enforce these policies no matter the reason for termination.

Are your students required to wear uniforms?

We require our grade schoolers to wear uniforms, but not our preschool students.

Do you follow the August 31st birthday policy when placing students?

We use this date as a guideline, but we also take into consideration the progress of each student. Our administration, as well as the child’s teachers and parents, will work together to reach a decision. If we feel a student is ready to move up, we will arrange it. However, if we feel a child is not yet ready, either academically, behaviorally or socially, we won’t push them forward. Moving children through our programs too quickly can result in a loss of confidence for the child, and we always encourage our students to progress at a pace that is right for them.

Do you accept children with disabilities?

If the needed accommodations are able to be made between the school and the child’s family, we are more than happy to welcome children with disabilities. However, we don’t have the staff or resources to successfully work with children who have moderate to severe special needs and need one-on-one education. If we feel your child should take an assessment or may qualify for services but the family does not cooperate, we hold the right to terminate enrollment. This is because we want your child to receive the best education possible. If we don’t feel we are able to provide that, we will help you find a more beneficial solution.

If you have any questions that weren’t answered above, or you would like to schedule a tour at our school, please contact us today by calling 910-339-0524 and we will be happy to work with you! And if you would like to make an application for your child, be sure to fill out our online forms.