Parents choose First Impressions Academy in Fayetteville, NC because they want the best education possible for their grade schoolers. Here, your child will have access to teachers who truly care about their progress, as well as to small class sizes and individualized learning. Our curriculum is tailored to each class and to each child, so that each student develops the confidence he or she needs to succeed, not only in kindergarten through fourth grade but in life outside of school as well.

Individualized Education for Grade Schoolers in Fayetteville, NC

Why Choose First Impressions Academy Grade School?

At First Impressions Academy grade school, the largest class size is 12 students. This allows our teachers, all of whom are have a degree in childhood education, to give your child a wealth of personal attention. Small class sizes allow children to become close to their teacher and classmates, creating a family-like atmosphere that allows students to feel comfortable and secure. This environment empowers them to share their ideas and engage their curiosity and creativity.

Our Curriculum

We believe children will become good citizens and grow into well-rounded adults when they are exposed to as many subjects as possible. Not only do we teach math, science, reading and writing, but we also hold Spanish classes three times a week as well as music lessons and crossfit exercises for children. Each subject helps develop children’s minds so they are more likely to succeed in other subjects. With so many areas of learning to explore, children are more likely to find subjects that interest them, which encourages them to develop a passion for learning. We also encourage students to join clubs and our summer camp, so they can engage their minds and have fun even outside of school hours.

To learn more about how to apply for our grade school, or to schedule a tour of First Impressions Academy, contact us today at 910-339-0524! We also offer preschool as well as STEM Middle School, so children of all ages can experience the education they deserve.