The teachers and administration at First Impressions Academy in Fayetteville, NC work to make the education experience positive and enjoyable for students of all ages, from preschool to middle school. All of our teachers are passionate about their job and excited to support your child in his or her growth and development. We want students to feel comfortable here, which is why we encourage parents to get involved through our Parent Education Partnership. Together, we can help your child develop a lifelong love for learning!

Fayetteville Parents & Teachers Working Together

Parent Education Partnership (PEP)

At First Impressions Academy, we believe it is so important for parents to be as involved as possible in their child’s education. Parental support is essential to fulfilling our mission of developing a child’s academic, social and behavioral skills. We envision PEP as a group of parents and family members who work with the teachers and administration at FIA to create the best experience possible for their child while they are here. Whether you choose to get involved by creating fliers, organizing a fundraiser or just being a friendly face to new students and families, PEP is an integral part of FIA’s success!  To join our FIA PEP group, please email for more information.

Making an Application for Your Child

To complete an application for your child, fill out our online forms and either bring them to our front desk or email them to We encourage you to apply early, as spots are very limited to maintain our small class sizes. After we receive your application, we will review it and get back to you.